Hello, World! Hassle-Free Self-Hosting Has Arrived!

After a year of dedicated hard work and over 6,000 code commits, we are stoked to unveil our efforts to spice up the hosting game.

For those whose apps need more oomph than a basic WordPress site on shared hosting, the hosting journey can be a bit of a headache. Here are some of the pain points:

The Costly Lock-In: Lots of Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers make hosting a breeze, but at a premium price that could bloat your hardware costs by over 50%. Ouch!

The Inefficiency Tax: Infrastructure management platforms can be serious resource hogs, guzzling up tons of memory even when idling, leading to wasted resources and sky-high operational costs.

The Complexity Curveball: Infrastructure tools are pretty intricate in nature, often requiring specialized training. The steep learning curve makes it tough for many to efficiently manage deployments without deep technical know-how.

Fragmented Ecosystem: Coordinating multiple tools for a comprehensive deployment strategy introduces complexity in maintenance, heightens the risk of integration conflicts, governance issues, and system failures.

The Expertise Gap: Finding skilled ops folks to wrangle complex toolchains is a tall order, especially for smaller teams. This expertise scarcity limits accessibility and means more reliance on external support.

Traditionally, hosting an app meant either hiring pricey consultants, a DevOps squad or teaching yourself sys admin, networks, security, and a slew of other specialties – usually learning through incidents. But let’s be real, that’s probably not your forte, right?

Now imagine a self-hostable platform like Heroku or Render. Better yet, imagine never writing a Dockerfile again! And containers that auto-scale based on resources or traffic. Sounds pretty nifty, eh?

It’s tough to put into words what we’ve brewed up with Speedia OS and Control. You kind of have to experience it first-hand. But allow me to lay out each project for you.

Speedia OS

Speedia OS is an open-source container operating system under the EPL license. Built on a lean Debian base, it comes pre-packaged with a fully functional REST API, CLI, and slick dashboard.

With Speedia OS, everything’s just clicks away. Apps and services auto-install inside your container, with reverse proxy mappings also set up seamlessly.

Manage databases, users, privs. Manage your files and edit code with the same editor of Visual Studio. Need a cron job? Multiple Node.js apps? Map a URL to another service? Speedia OS handles it all smoothly, saving you days of container debugging headaches.

Speedia Control

With Speedia OS, you have all the necessary tools to run your application. But what if you need to run multiple containers? Many PaaS platforms support custom containers but come with a premium on hardware for their user-friendly features. Manual domain-to-container mappings, DNS, WAF, and CDN management add to the complexity.

Enthusiasts and DevOps professionals often turn to existing open-source container management tools that often require additional configuration, maintenance and lack ergonomics for advanced tasks.

Speedia Control already comes with necessary bells and whistles. Splitting your server into multiple users, each with their own CPU and memory quotas, is as easy as a two-click process. How about a container with 1vCPU and 1 GB of RAM scaling up to 2vCPU and 2GB of RAM for an hour each day to handle traffic surges?

Mapping domain_X to container_Y can be daunting, ensuring host port X proxies traffic correctly to container_Y, with or without a reverse proxy. Managing these tasks with multiple tools can become overwhelming, with daily updates and unfortunate downtimes.

Speedia Control tackles these challenges head-on. As Speedia OS, it’s just clicks away for infrastructure management. Soon, one will be able to back up containers to S3 providers, migrate containers (especially those using Speedia OS) from local instances to the cloud with a simple swipe, and manage multiple servers from a single interface.

We’re just getting started. Our vision is to offer true self-hosted freedom – host your own VPN, DNS, mail servers… all sans extra tools, from within the Control interface.

Speedia Control is free forever for personal use and will stay free for commercial use temporarily through alpha and beta. Once stable, we’ll charge $15/month per server license to sustain the projects. We stand by our word of fair terms and no sudden changes to our business model nor licensing.

The Fine Print

We at Speedia are aiming to underpromise and overdeliver, but transparency is key. Speedia OS and Control are currently in alpha, which means they’re actively under development and may have limitations or bugs. While they aren’t perfect yet, they’re feature-rich enough for alpha testing.

Your feedback is crucial for shaping these projects, so we encourage you to explore and test the alpha version. Please be aware that the software is still in development, and it might not be suitable for production environments.

A public roadmap for both Speedia OS and Speedia Business is available. We commit to listening closely to constructive feedback and provide regular updates on the projects’ development. Check the roadmap – we’re pouring our hearts into making these products amazing!

Who We Are

Finally, allow us to introduce ourselves! We’re Speedia, trademark pending. Actually, we’re Infinite, a managed hosting provider from Brazil specializing in PHP platforms. For 10 years, we’ve hosted everything from tiny landing pages to full SaaS platforms on Kubernetes.

Over the years, we built internal tools to streamline operations and give customers more server control. Thanks to inputs from awesome customers and partners, we realized we had a knack for infrastructure software. During our latest platform overhaul, we decided to share our hosting vision with the world, not just our customers.

Although the parent company behind Speedia is a hosting provider, you’ll never see it mentioned in our software. We created a separate brand to ensure other hosting providers are comfortable using our software. This also benefits us as our own customers, using Speedia software daily, bridging the gap between developer and user.

That’s it, world, we truly hope you appreciate our beloved projects!

Northon Torga

Northon is the CTO of Speedia. When he's not developing software or exploring new skills, you'll likely find him engaging in sci-fi discussions on Reddit or delving into the intricacies of physics. Qapla'!
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