True Self-Hosted Freedom

The ultimate all-in-one container platform designed to put you back in control.
free for personal use
$15 per server

Addressing Your Challenges

High costs, inefficiencies, constant expertise demands — we've navigated these waters too.

Costly Lock-In

Ease of management comes at a premium with many Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers, imposing significant additional costs on hardware usage that can inflate expenses by more than half.

Inefficiency Tax

Infrastructure management platforms can be surprisingly resource-intensive, demanding substantial memory allocation even in idle states, leading to wasted resources and increased operational costs.

Complexity Barrier

Navigating the complexity of infrastructure tools often demands specialized training. The steep learning curve excludes many from efficiently managing their deployments without extensive technical knowledge.

fragmented ecosystem

The need to coordinate multiple different tools for a comprehensive deployment strategy introduces complexity in maintenance, heightens the chances of integration conflicts, governance issues and system failures.

Expertise Gap

Securing skilled operations professionals to manage intricate toolchains presents a formidable challenge, particularly for smaller organizations. This scarcity of expertise limits accessibility and increases reliance on external support and deployment times.

Less Complexity.
More Efficiency.

Speedia Control is empowerment for everyone — developers and non-technical users alike.

One-Click Deployment

Experience simplicity at its finest, making application deployment effortless and immediate for everyone.

Automatic mapping

Connectivity made simple. Map domains to your containers effortlessly, with transparent SSL passthrough for seamless user experiences and even dedicated ports for remote database connections.

Deeply Integrated
With Speedia OS

Speedia OS, our cutting-edge open-source platform, streamlines container deployment for applications, languages, and databases, complete with automated SSL management and a file manager.

Speedia Control seamlessly integrates with Speedia OS, enhancing it with essential features like autologin, backups and more. Soon, it will also enable you — or your customers — to directly manage mailboxes for specific domains, as well as Web Application Firewall (WAF) and DNS zones, all through the Speedia OS interface.
container11vCPU <> 2vCPUPHP 8.2 + MySQL 8.0
domainB.comcontainer31vCPUNodeJS 18 + MongoDB 7.0
container52vCPURuby 3.2 + PostgreSQL 16.2
domainD.comcontainer73vCPUPHP 7.4 + MariaDB 10.3
domainE.comcontainer91vCPUGo 1.22

Multi-User Support
with Quotas

Multi-user support with individual quotas allows teams to work harmoniously, managing hardware resources effectively.

Smart Vertical

With Speedia Control, your containers grow and shrink based on activity, ensuring they perform well without wasting resources. You decide how much to scale, when and for how long, keeping everything running smoothly and cost-effectively.

Flexibility for Automation

Engage with Speedia Control through a comprehensive API and CLI, offering versatility for developers and automation enthusiasts, perfect for integrating with
AI models, bots, SaaS platforms etc.

Try The Demo

You can explore Speedia Control without having to run locally with the read-only online demo!
User: demo
Password: abc123

Remember to ignore the SSL warning (if any).
For the full experience, we still recommend deploying the Control locally.

Transparent Pricing, No ✱

Speedia Control is currently in the alpha phase of development and is available for free until it transitions to a stable release.

Upon achieving stability, Speedia Control is expected to be priced at $15 per month for each server. However, it will remain free for personal use, aligning with the models of products like TeamViewer, VirtualBox, and others.

If you're interested in supporting the project at this stage, we welcome you to consider making a donation through GitHub Sponsors. Your contributions are greatly appreciated and will help us in bringing Speedia softwares to their full potential.
Experience the freedom to deploy on any scale — whether on bare metal, local setups, or cloud environments.
One plan, full access. For just $15/month per server, unlock the full suite of Speedia Control's features with no hidden costs or limits.
Personal Use
$ 0
Ideal for home labs and local development.
  • all features available
  • 1 license per person
Yearly (20% OFF) Monthly
Commercial Use
$ 18 .75
per month
1 license per server
One plan, full access.
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Volume discounts can be negotiated. Get in touch to know more.

Getting Started

An one-click deployment will soon be available. For now, follow our documentation to deploy Control locally or on the cloud.
We are constantly improving our documentation to include more cloud vendors and explaining how to best use Control.
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